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Complex Rules

MTsc SoccerPlex
Rules of Conduct

  1. No Smoking (except in parking lot)
  2. No Alcohol
  3. No Illegal Substances/Drugs
  4. No Pets
  5. No Glass Containers
  6. No Littering
  7. No Profanity or Abusive Language
  8. Fields for Approved Soccer Play Only
  9. No guns or weapons allowed on premises

In addition, all who enter shall:

1. Follow all rules and policies set forth by the Club, Regional, State, and National Associations.
2. Be a positive role model.
3. Work in the spirit of cooperation with officials, administrators, coaches, and spectators.
4. Demonstrate positive support for all players, coaches, and officials.
5. Treat officials with respect and dignity.
6. In all instances, provide a safe and healthy environment.

Violators, if requested will be required to leave the SoccerPlex. MTsc reserves the right to deny violaters future access to the SoccerPlex.

No Fault Adult (Spectator, Parent or Coach) Fighting Policy (Dec. 2009)

In the event of a physical altercation (meaning ANY physical contact whatsoever) between adults, it is MTsc’s policy that all adults involved will be automatically banned from the remainder of the current game and the next game that your team plays at the MTsc SoccerPlex.  It is also MTsc’s policy that it will not attempt to determine cause or blame for the physical altercation.  It is MTsc’s view that under all situations and circumstances adults must refrain from physical altercations at the MTsc SoccerPlex.  The one game banning and balance of the current game is NOT appealable and is automatic and the decision final.  Additionally, MTsc will conduct inquiries into the situation to determine if the severity of the situation dictates the need for additional consequences and or/action. 

In the event that a banned party is found to be at the SoccerPlex during the remaining or subsequent game day for which the ban applies, their child’s team will automatically forfeit their game, the game will either not be played or will be stopped short from continuing if it was in process and such game will not be made up.  If the situation is escalated by the banned party, appropriate authorities will be called to handle the situation.


Two Strikes Policy relative to Abusive Behavior
October 2012

MTsc has a policy of zero tolerance for abusive behavior whether toward, players, coaches or patrons, MTsc administrators and referees whether on the SoccerPlex, MTsc practice locations or at the MTsc Office.  

Everyone should recognize that most referees are youth players. Our referee program provides our youth an opportunity to shadow and learn from more experienced referees and be mentored by those senior referees. It is a great opportunity to mature, learn responsibility and develop a better understanding of the game of soccer.

All referees have the ability to remove a coach, parent, patron or player from a game and the MTsc SoccerPlex. However, we recognize that due to the age and maturity of some of our youth referees they could be intimidated by overbearing, boisterous and/or loud adults and may lack the confidence to control the situation. In an effort to assist with that, MTsc uses its referee assignors, administrators and Field Marshals to provide support during on-the-field issues that comes to its attention.

MTsc referee assignors, identified MTsc board members and MTsc Field Marshals have the ability to issue a formal warning which is "Strike One" to any person including a coach (assistant or head), parent, player or patron that they have determined at the moment of the issue to have been abusive in their best judgment.  If upon issuing the formal warning, the matter escalates, they can issue the second and final warning which is "Strike Two".  For a coach, if this happens the coach will be suspended from coaching at the MTsc SoccerPlex for the remainder of the current season including the balance of the game currently being played and additionally risks not being invited/accepted back in future seasons as a coach at MTsc.  For a sideline player parent/guardian or patron, Strike Two means they are immediately banned from attending games at the SoccerPlex for the remainder of the season including the balance of the game currently being played.  Any coach, parent or patron who receives Strike Two can appeal their case to the MTsc Operations Board pursuant to the then posted Appeals Process which can be found on www.MetroTulsaSoccer.com.

Further, the Two Strikes Policy carries forward for the entire season.  Strike One can occur during one game day and Strike Two during a subsequent game day.  In such case, if Strike Two occurs during the same season as Strike One, the above note consequences are effective.

MTsc SoccerPlex Rules of Conduct Rev. II (Dec 2004)

As part of MTsc’s continued effort to enhance the safe and positive experience of every athlete, parent, visitor, coach and volunteer, MTsc has adopted specific rules of conduct for the METRO SoccerPlex. Our goal here is to promote an athletic environment based onpositive reinforcement, good sportsmanship, fair play, the importance of team building and respect for your opponents while having fun and honoring the game. To assist us in meeting these goals, we rely on you (our coaches, volunteers, athletes, parents and visitors) to abide by the SoccerPlex Rules of Conduct.

In the unlikely event that there is a violation of the MTsc SoccerPlex Rules of Conduct, violators may be required to leave the MTsc SoccerPlex by an official MTsc representative (board member, director or referee). If the violator is unwilling to leave or persists in a manner that violates the MTsc SoccerPlex Rules of Conduct then

(a) Coaches involved in the applicable game may be solicited to resolve the problem ,
(b) If the coaches are not able to resolve the problem, the game may be immediately ended ,
(c) The violator may be denied future access to the METRO SoccerPlex and,
(d) The violator may forfeit participation in MTsc and access to the METRO SoccerPlex for themselves and their family for the future.

Please help us by being a good role model for all our young athletes. Thank you for your future cooperation.

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